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What we do

Since beginning in 1981, Pipeline Utilities, Inc. earned its’ reputation of providing top quality results by specializing in underground utility construction. Over the years we have developed relationships with other contracting firms that share our vision of success and customer satisfaction. Those partnerships along with our superior project management skills, give us the ability to offer a diverse portfolio of site grading, utility, and excavation services to customers throughout central North Carolina.

Underground Utilities

As we have grown over the past 41 years, we have branched out into other areas of the construction world, but our main area of expertise continues to be underground utilities – sanitary sewers, water mains, force mains, steam and chilled water transmission lines, as well as large diameter utilities. We have a very experienced management team that can deliver top quality results while being challenged with the most difficult of projects.

4-in water meter assembly
Large diameter water main
Sanitary sewer main piping
Sanitary sewer manhole
Storm drain piping
Stormwater detention structure
Chilled Water piping
Steam/condensate piping

Typical Utility Types

Water pipelines are the lifeblood of our communities. Composed of supply network components that carry potable water from centralized treatment plants to consumers, the goal is to adequately deliver water to satisfy residential, commercial, industrial and fire fighting requirements. We are an industry leader in water pipeline construction, from comprehensive planning to installation and testing.

Sewer line and sanitary sewer system installation and maintenance are critical to public and environmental safety. A system of underground pipes and manholes, it carries sewage from bathrooms, sinks, kitchens, and other plumbing components to wastewater treatment plants where it is filtered, treated and discharged. We specialize in installation and repairs of new sewer main lines, private sewer lateral lines, and sewer manholes.

Storm drains are a crucial part of community infrastructure used to reduce the potential for flooding on surface areas like city streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. It’s designed to drain excess rain and ground water from those impervious surfaces into natural bodies of water. This is where we come in – our expertise encompasses installation and repair of storm drain pipes, manholes, curb inlets, outlet structures, box culverts, retention and detention systems, and other specialty concrete structures.

Centralized chiller plants circulate water through a network of underground conduits to provide cooling to institutional, commercial, and industrial complexes. We construct the piping, manholes, and vaults that help the chilled water reach its destination. We have the experience and personnel to deliver turn-key chilled water piping solutions.

At most colleges in the area, steam plants are the heart of campus heating systems – warming offices, classrooms, and residence halls. We have years of experience installing the pipes, tunnels, and vaults that are needed to distribute the steam to campus buildings. We can efficiently manage the numerous subcontractors required to complete large scale steam projects.


Deep excavations for utility installation require shoring to provide room for construction and safety for workers. Shoring is also used to support existing structures or buildings during excavation activities in close proximity. We have years of experience providing turn-key excavation and shoring services of all sizes and depths. We furnish and install many types ourselves and can partner with shoring construction firms to provide systems such as soil nailing, soldier pile walls, and underpinning.

Typical shoring types:

Typical site services:

Site Services

The seasoned relationships we have developed with other subcontracting firms give us the capabilities to provide turn-key site work packages that include clearing and earth moving as well as utilities, paving, and hardscape. Our partners share the same passion for quality, safety, and customer satisfaction that we do. Our experienced team manages all aspects of the construction process efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively to ensure a successful outcome for every customer. From clearing and grubbing to brick pavers to seeding and mulching, we have the management capabilities and subcontractor relationships to successfully build jobs of all sizes.

As Featured In


Our work at the University of North Carolina’s Boshamer Stadium (baseball) was featured in the July 2009 issue of Utility Contractor Magazine. The project involved installation of new 72- and 84-inch reinforced concrete pipe at depths of up to 35 feet in poor soil conditions. Read the article here: IT’S A SHORE THING
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