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As we have grown over the past 39 years, we have branched out into other areas of the construction world, but our main area of expertise continues to be underground utilities - sanitary sewers, water mains, force mains, steam and chilled water transmission lines, as well as large diameter utilities. We have a very experienced management team that can deliver top quality results while being challenged with the most difficult of projects. You can learn more about the utility services we offer by selecting the images below.
Utilities - Pipeline Utilities, Inc.
Underground UTILITIES

Installing water mains since 1981, we know just about everything there is to know about the pipes, valves, meters, fittings, and other appurtenances that make up a water distribution system.

Critical to the safety of the public and the environment, a sanitary sewer system must be installed and maintained correctly. We specialize in installation and repairs of new sewer main lines, private sewer lateral lines, and sewer manholes.

Through a network of pipe and structures, storm sewers are designed to drain excess rain and ground water to rivers, sreams, and lakes. We have years of experience installing storm systems of all types and sizes.

Chilled water supply and return piping is used to distribute cooled liquid to campus buildings and then back to the chiller plant. Our experience includes numerous turn-key underground chilled water piping projects.

Underground steam piping provides heat to campus buildings. From large walkable tunnels to small direct bury pipe, we have the personel and resources to provide turn-key underground steam solutions.
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© 2021 Pipeline Utilities, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
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