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At most colleges in the area, steam plants are the heart of campus heating systems - warming offices, classrooms, and residence halls. We have years of experience installing the pipes, tunnels, and vaults that are needed to distribute the steam to campus buildings. We can efficiently manage the numerous subcontractors required to complete large scale steam projects.

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UNC Cogen Steam Replacement
Chapel Hill, NC

This UNC steam tunnel replacement project involved constructing over 2,000 linear feet of new underground cast-in-place concrete tunnel to replace an existing walkable tunnel dating to 1939 with major structural failure and asbestos insulation as well as and an accessible tunnel built in 1987. This new tunnel provides low- and high-pressure steam and pumped condensate piping. A unique challenge on this project was the close proximity of residential neighbors to the construction site – sometimes only feet away from the trench.
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