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Utilities... and more
Pipeline Utilities, Inc. earned its' reputation of providing top quality results by specializing in underground utility construction. Over the years we have developed relationships with other contracting firms that share our passion for quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Those partnerships along with our superior project management skills, give us the ability to offer a variety of site grading and utility services to customers throughout central North Carolina.
Underground Utilities
Subcontracting other services such as site grading and shoring, allows us to direct our focus on underground utilities. We can deliver more knowledge and expertise than anyone else in the insdustry. Learn more about our utility services.
Site Grading
Through our partnerships we have the capabilities to provide turn-key site work packages that include clearing, earth moving, paving, and leveling. Our experienced team manages all steps of the construction process efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively.
Excavation & Shoring
Deep excavations for utility installation require shoring to provide room for construction and safety for workers. Shoring is also used to support existing structures or buildings during excavation activities in close proximity. We have years of experience working with our shoring partners to provide turn-key excavation services of all sizes and depths that include the use of all types of shoring, from soil nailing to piles and lagging.
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