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Since our beginning in 1981, we’ve completed hundreds utility construction projects for various clients across the state of North Carolina. From planning to closeout, our goal is always to improve the function and appearance of the infrastructure while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety. We constantly strive to exceed the expectations of each and every customer. Below are some examples of our work.
Projects at Pipeline Utilities, Inc.
Cary Waterline Replacement
Cary, NC

This Cary, NC project includes the installation of 11,160 feet of new 4", 6", and 8" ductile iron waterline, 14 new fire hydrant assemblies, 51 new gate valves, and 160 water service connections. Also included is the abandonment of 11,580 feet of existing waterline and 5,220 square yards of asphalt trench repair.
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Cary Waterline
Duke Raleigh Hospital
Raleigh, NC

Pipeline Utilities, Inc. was selected to be part of the Robins & Morton design-build team for construction of a new inpatient tower and central energy plant at Duke Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina. As the Site contractor for this project, our duties include excavation for the tower, site grading and drainage, utilities, and hardscape.
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Duke Raleigh
Hillsborough Street Revitalization
Raleigh, NC

This project is designed to enhance the transformation of the area allowing for opportunities for cultural events, social gatherings and businesses. The work includes roundabouts and medians, buffered bike lanes and bike racks, improved transit shelters and signage and a rain garden. Also, public water and sewer, erosion control, curb & gutter, sidewalk and pavement markings.
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Hillsborough St
Certainteed Plant Utilities
Roxboro, NC

In addition to a water intake structure on the river, this project included approximately 7,000 lf. of 14” fire main, 2,800 lf of process water, 1,500 lf of 2” sanitary sewer force main, 400’ of 6” ductile iron pipe resting on precast concrete piers for an aerial crossing, 1,600 lf of 6” gravity sewer, sanitary sewer manholes, and 1,200 lf of domestic water.
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Boshamer Stadium Emergency Storm Repair
Chapel Hill, NC

This UNC-CH project included emergency repair/replacement of a failing stormwater line under UNC’s baseball field. It involved a 30-foot deep trench with shoring to install 300-feet of 72-inch reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) bedded on rock. Stadium renovations were conducted concurrently with this project which restricted the amount of space available to perform the work, as well as required the work to be performed in a short amount of time as not to affect the renovations to the field.
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UNC Boshamer Stadium
Jenks Rd Waterline Relocation
Apex, NC

This project included relocation of 42" and 30" water main required for the construction of I-540.

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Jenks Rd
UNC-CH Cogen Steam Tunnel Replacement
Chapel Hill, NC

The UNC steam tunnel replacement project involved constructing over 2,000 linear feet of new underground cast-in-place concrete tunnel to replace an existing walkable tunnel dating to 1939 with major structural failure and asbestos insulation as well as and an accessible tunnel built in 1987. This new tunnel provides low- and high-pressure steam (40/150 PSIG) and pumped condensate piping. A unique challenge on this project was the close proximity of residential neighbors to the construction site – sometimes only feet away from the trench.
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UNC Cogen
Little Creek Interceptor Replacement
Chapel Hill, NC

Included 1,200 linear feet of 16-inch ductile iron gravity sewer with manholes. A stream crossing was required to make the tie-in to the pump station piping.
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Little Creek Sewer
NCSU Oval Drive Utilities
Raleigh, NC

Site work for this project includes utility connections (water, sewer, chilled water, steam, and stormwater) to Centennial Campus precinct infrastructure.
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NCSU Oval Drive
UNC Academic Affairs Utility Improvements
Chapel Hill, NC

This project involved replacement of thermal utilities – chilled water and steam – serving multiple buildings on the UNC Chapel Hill campus. Also included was the replacement of storm water drainage near Swain and Lenoir Drive.
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UNC Academic Affairs
UNCG South Chiller Plant (Site Piping)
Greensboro, NC

This scope of work involved connecting to existing 24" supply/return chilled water piping and installing 230 LF of new 30" piping to the proposed chiller plant building. Pressure testing and jetting/flushing of the new piping was also completed.
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UNCG Chiller Plant
Uncle Bob's Self Storage (Life Storage)
Durham, NC

This project includes installation of 541 feet of new fire line to the storage facility. A bore & jack is required to get the new piping across a busy Durham street. It also includes an 8" backflow device, multiple fittings and valves, and asphalt pavement restoration.
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Uncle Bob's
Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals
Clayton, NC

The work completed at Novo Nordisk in Clayton, NC was a sitework package that included grading, paving and utility work . This scope entailed retaining walls, curb & gutter, asphalt patch, waterline relocation, extension of sanitary sewer, storm drain work, temporary utlities, a new access drive and reconstruction of the plant entrance to accommodate a security checkpoint.
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Novo Nordisk
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© 2021 Pipeline Utilities, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
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