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Through phone calls to friends and business associates, Pipeline was able to collect and distribute 23 chain saws Down East directly into the hands of needy locals and experienced volunteers helping with cleanup.

The chainsaws were donated by:  Badger Daylighting, Muter Construction, United Rentals, Core and Main, Ferguson Waterworks, Balfour Beatty (saws and tarps), and Pipeline Utilities (saws and Clorox).  H & E Rentals generously donated a 50’ Man lift to assist with getting tarps on high roofs, and in getting tough trees felled so the mess can be cleaned up safely on the ground.

It was humbling to see the generosity and willingness of people to help others who have been devastated by simply being asked.  We are appreciative of their generosity and know the equipment and supplies were placed in good hands where they could benefit the most people in the communities.  

After the cleanup was complete, the saws were cleaned, the fuel dumped out of them, and stored for use after the next storm.

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