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Deep excavations for utility installation require shoring to provide room for construction and safety for workers. Shoring is also used to support existing structures or buildings during excavation activities in close proximity. We have years of experience providing turn-key excavation and shoring services of all sizes and depths. We furnish and install many types ourselves and can partner with shoring construction firms to provide systems such as soil nailing, soldier pile walls, and underpinning.
Excavation - Pipeline Utilities, Inc.
Utility Contractor Magazine
Our work at the University of North Carolina's Boshamer Stadium (baseball) was featured in the July 2009 issue of Utility Contractor Magazine. The project involved installation of new 72- and 84-inch reinforced concrete pipe at depths of up to 35 feet in poor soil conditions. Read the article here: IT'S A SHORE THING
Slide Rail
Trench Box
Trench boxes, also called trench shields, are a type of protective system designed to protect workers from the pressure and weight of soil in the event of a cave-in. Unlike shoring systems, trench boxes are not designed to provide any structural strength to the excavation or prevent a trench wall from collapsing.
The Slide Rail system is a vertical sheeting and trench support system where the excavation may be shored from ground level to subgrade without soil movement. It is a highly effective system in areas having unfavorable ground conditions or where an existing underground infrastructure would pose difficulties in trench support.
Hydraulic Shoring
Where Trench Shields protect workers from potential cave-ins, hydraulic shoring products are designed to actually prevent cave-ins from happening. Hydraulic shoring products include vertical shores, end shores, hydraulic shields, walers systems, and manhole shoring. Excellent for use in areas with crossing utilities, spot repairs, tight situations.
Soldier Pile
Soil Nail Wall
A soil nail wall is a a “top-down” retaining wall constructed in by drilling rows of nails and applying a shotcrete face.  The nails start at the existing ground surface and are installed as the ground in front of the wall is excavated in lifts.  This system is used where sloping per OSHA is not possible due to existing structures, utilities, or property lines.
Soldier pile and lagging is an earth retention system consisting of steel piles driven or placed in drilled holes. After installing the soldier beams, the earth is excavated along one side of the beams to expose a cut face of earth, and to partially expose the front faces of the beams. Then lagging is installed with either timber or sprayed shotcrete to hold back the soil.
Micropile underpinning in conjunction with soil nail shoring provides support to existing structures adjacent to deep excavations while maintaining the integrity of the buildings. This system would be used for basement construction adjacent to an existing building.
Featured Project
UNC Cogen Steam Replacement
Chapel Hill, NC

This UNC steam tunnel replacement project required a comprehensive shoring plan to ensure structural and worker safety. In certain areas of the project, deep excavations were only feet from residential houses.
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