est-commitment - Pipeline Utilities, Inc.

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Pipeline Utilities, Inc. will evaluate every proposal received for any given project fairly and on an equal basis with all comparable proposals. We will never share your quotation with any competitor prior to the award of the project. We count on the full and open competition of quality subcontractors and suppliers and we will not jeopardize the system by providing anyone with an unfair insight into their competitions’ submissions. We will gladly discuss your proposal after the award of the projects so that you can understand how your proposal stacked up against the market.  Once a project has been awarded we view all proposals as public information unless they have been marked confidential or proprietary.  This is no more than what we encounter when the GC bids are posted. If we receive a proposal from your firm and it is deemed to be excessively high or low, we will contact you and request clarification of the scope and cost.  It is not in our best interest to retain a subcontractor whose price is insufficient to accomplish the scope of the proposal.  We view this policy as a service to you, your competition, and ourselves.
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